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J. Ferbeck&Compagnie was founded in Aachen, Germany. It was one of the pioneers in the construction of industrial chimneys worldwide and operated both in Germany and France.


The expertise of J. Ferbeck&Cie. was renowned throughout Europe and accomplished several projects during the years.

In Poland, a 55-meter-tall brick chimney for a textile company was built in Częstochowa.


In Belgium, a 125-meter-tall brick chimney was built in Hoboken-Anvers. 


In addition to the construction of new chimneys, J. Ferbeck&Cie. mastered the ability to perform maintenance and repair works during the operation of these industrial structures.


Paul Ferbeck and Théophile Vincent, owners of a company with similar synergies, decided to merge to expand their companies' market share and diversify products and services offered.

Two companies with unique experience and expertise came together and formed one business called Ferbeck&Vincent, headquartered in Rouen, France. 


With new experts joining the company, special refractory bricks application for boilers and furnaces had been added to the expertise of Ferbeck&Vincent.


Ferbeck&Vincent established the headquarter in Paris and opened several agencies in Rouen, Nancy, Toulouse, Marseille and Roubaix. 

The business was extended to reinforced concrete chimneys and refractory installation in plants for incineration of industrial waste.


A workshop located in Rouen was acquired for in-house steel carpentry and boiler activities.


During World War II, the activities were stopped and slowly restarted only at the end of 1945.

Ferbeck&Vincent created a wide network of agencies in the regions of Paris and Lyon aiming to become the market leader in France.


The headquarter of Ferbeck&Vincent moved to Vélizy and a new workshop was acquired in Gaillon.


Ferbeck&Vincent and other companies with industrial technologies and know-how joined a group specialized in thermal engineering.


Ferbeck&Vincent joined the division of a company involved in underground pipelines, scaffolding and industrial piping, and assembly of industrial installation works.



Ferbeck&Vincent is finally acquired by Lizmontagens, a company with multi-year experience in refractory linings, furnace construction, industrial chimneys construction and maintenance, and industrial materials procurement. 

The Group Lizmontagens Thermal Technologies was later formalized in 2014 to consolidate the management of the numerous subsidiaries and strengthen its presence in industrial sectors.



The original activities of the company were divided into two companies: Ferbeck&Fumitherm for refractory activities and Ferbeck Industrial Chimneys for chimney works, mainly in France.



A dedicated department for international markets was more and more important because of the peculiarity of the foreign countries outside Europe.

Ferbeck International was therefore incorporated to meet this need, driven by experienced specialists and engineers looking for new opportunities worldwide.


During Covid-19, Ferbeck team continued with hardwork and dedication by remote working. This created the conditions for a faster recovery of new contracts and new employment right from October 2020. 

Ferbeck successfully signed several projects in Bangladesh. 

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